Meet the Team

Red Mountain is an old factory with a new(ish) name.  We started life in the early 1980’s as Sunhopper and many of you will remember using our Sunhopper satchels as school bags. A few years later we added the Karrimor brand name to our range when we started to manufacture bags under license from Karrimor UK and we established the brand as a household name in SA. In 2005 we parted company with Karrimor and established Red Mountain as a 100% truly South African brand of which we are very proud. Since then we’ve increased the number of staff in our factory and we are very pleased with ourselves about that. Red Mountain is a best practise employer and our staff enjoy benefits that far exceed those required by our industry and by law and we would like to think they’re the happiest factory staff in the country. Each time you buy a Red Mountain bag you help to pay our wages and we are sincerely grateful for that and we thank you. So we were thinking that since you pay our wages it’s only fair that you know who we are.