Quality Assurance Guaranteed

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Quality Assurance Guaranteed

We are Red Mountain International

Red Mountain International, originally known to the public as Sunhopper which was founded in the 1980’s and best known for producing and distributing the UK brand Karrimor to the South African market. Red Mountain was launched in 2005 as a genuine South African brand which retained Sunhopper’s high standards and grade of merchandize. We are a high-end local bag manufacturer that provides backpacks for sale in South Africa. We specialize in a broad selection of bags for sale in Cape town, ranging from our durable backpacks designed with the finest attention to detail, from our sports bags and travel bags as well as hiking backpacks manufactured with water-resistant high-quality materials, and many more to choose from.



We import the bulk of our bag fabrics ourselves as the high specification we require on our fabric is not available for sale in South Africa.

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The passion of our team to our clients is the foundation of everything we do at Red Mountain. Our employees have been with us for generations, and they take great pride in the work they produce for the Red Mountain brand.

At Red Mountain our focus is on understanding the South African market & their needs while providing only the best quality of products. At Red Mountain we offer the finest end-to-end customization where our skilled team will ensure your product is made to your exact specifications and exceeds your expectations. Our bags are indestructible and offer great value for money. Our mission at Red Mountain is to do all manufacturing of backpacks in South Africa locally with only supplying the finest quality. Understanding the requirements of the South African market is our top priority, therefore our products are manufactured with only A-grade raw materials, strict quality control, and outstanding craftmanship in the process of manufacturing. Guaranteed to exceed all our customers expectations.


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Red Mountain provides a wide range of bags which are guaranteed to meet all your needs. Our range of school bags, hiking backpacks, travel bags, sports bags & laptop bags are available on sale at Takealot South Africa to shop.

The specific type of thread we use is custom manufactured for use in the motor car industry for the sewing of seatbelts and conform to rigorous international safety and strength standards.


Red Mountain zips are manufactured to the highest standards and
carry a 12 MONTH 


Our Red Mountain plastic fittings that are made from polyamide (PA) nylon carry a 12 MONTH GUARANTEE. QUALITY GUARANTEE

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