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Adventures are proven to be the best way to view life. Let us at Red Mountain International be a part of your next journey by allowing our bags to protect your belongings and give you peace of mind when traveling. Do your next adventure the right way by adding a Red Mountain travel bag to your list. Red Mountain International provides travel bags for South Africa. Our bags are designed and manufactured locally in Cape Town, South Africa. We at Red Mountain International aim to not only understand the South African market but also provide quality bags at affordable prices. At Red Mountain, we offer a range of travel bags of different sizes capacities and styles with a variety of colour specifications. Our products are all manufactured using A-Grade raw materials, whether you are traveling internationally or locally in South Africa we have the perfect bag for all types of trips. Allow us to help make your trip easier by knowing your luggage is protected and stored in quality and manufactured travel bags.

For more information get in touch with us at Red Mountain International where our sales department will help find the perfect travel bag for you, also available to shop on Takealot South Africa.

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